English As A Second Language


• This is a course for those students who have been educated in, or come from a country where English is not the primary language. It is not an open course for students to opt in to; rather students will be selected to take this course.
• Entry requirement is based on student need and is at the discretion of the Deans, the ESOL teacher and the HOF of English and Languages.


• This course has been designed to support students to learn English and/or to develop their English language skills. It covers all four main strands of English – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking – so students should become more confident in their ability across all these areas.
• While this course is a stand-alone course with its own specific credits, work can also be done in this class in order to support students in their other subjects.
• The teacher will construct a course that may be tailored to student need and therefore could vary from the list below.