English - NCEA Level 2



• ENG101, Level 1 Literacy and the successful achievement of at least one external paper from Level 1 English or at the HOF’s discretion.


• Students wishing to take NCEA Level 3 English must take this course. It would also be useful for students intending to take Level 3 History or Classical Studies.
• This course is eligible for course endorsement.

General English


• ENG102, plus Level 1 Literacy or at the HOF’s discretion.


• This course provides a foundation for students who are thinking of going on to Tertiary study but are not intending to use English as one of their 14-credit Level 3 University Entrance subjects next year.
• This course is eligible for course endorsement.

Foundation English


• ENG103


• This course continues the development of basic literacy and communication skills taught in ENG103. It is a continuation of the two year course (ENG103-ENG203), during which students should finish their Level 1 Literacy requirements and will start working towards Level 2 credits.
• The main focus of this class in 2012 will be on supporting students who are yet to gain Level 1 Literacy achieve these credits. The standards offered to students this year may be tailored to their needs and therefore could vary from the list below.
• This course contains no external assessments and is therefore not eligible for course endorsement.


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Paid Union Meeting, Tuesday 13 November

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Mana Tagata, Wednesday 14 November

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Futures Breakfast, Thursday 15 November

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