English - NCEA Level 3



• ENG201, Level 2 Literacy and the successful achievement of at least one external paper from Level 2 English or at the HOF’s discretion..


• This course is literature-based and makes serious reading and writing demands. It is good preparation for any University course with a high essay-writing component.
• This course is eligible for course endorsement.

General English


• ENG202, plus at least four credits towards Level 2 Literacy or at the HOF’s discretion.


• Students should choose this course if they need English Level 2 or 3 University Entrance credits or if they are looking for supplementary Level 3 credits for NCEA Level 3 to support other subjects that they are strong in. This course can be tailored to the needs of students.
• The main focus of this class in 2012 will be on supporting students who are yet to gain Level 2 Literacy achieve these credits. Although some of the standards offered to students this year are in the process of expiring (those at Level 2), because they were started last year, students are able to complete them this year.
• This course is not eligible for course endorsement.

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