Project Based Technology - NCEA Level 2


• Achievement Standards at Level 2 [and some at Level 3]. Students will potentially gain at least 40 credits. Achievement Standards will include the following Design and Technology standards. Young Enterprise will provide an additional 17 Level 2 Business Studies Unit/Achievement Standards.

A Young Enterprise Scheme Book will be provided on payment of the subject fee.  Additional material costs may be charged as required.


• Either successful completion of 11GRA or 11HMA or 11TEX or 11ART and/or at the HOF/Deans discretion.


Project Based Technology aims to provide opportunities for students with an interest in Design and Technology and will run across two timetable lines. Students who enter PBT will have the opportunity to develop their skills and understanding of CAD, Technology, Mathematics, English and other connected subjects through the completion of a real time hands on project involving the school and the community that supports across curricular approach to learning.
• To design and manufacture objects using a variety of materials and skills
• To obtain an understanding of commercial operations including management and planning
• To work on a project providing the opportunity to learn skills based on real world activities
• To gain experience, understanding and independence through practical problem solving processes.

Topics covered will include:

A selection of Level 2 Achievement Standards drawn from Technology, and CAD. Additional Achievement Standards may be offered from the English, Mathematics and other relevant faculties based on the student’s interest and project requirements.