Congratulations and best wishes to Joel Carman (13RFE) who is currently competing as part of a New Zealand team taking part in a Cross Country Championship (8km) and a Road Relay (3km each runner) in Tasmania, Australia. Joel has an impressive list of achievements behind him (he won the Under 20’s Wellington Open, placed 4th in the Secondary Schools competition, and was the 1st runner at Nationals in Christchurch), which are due to the huge amount of training he puts into his sport, including running for 60-90 minutes a day, six days a week, in the Lower Hutt hills and Wainuiomata firebreaks.



2017 is the first year that Wainuiomata High School has been able to field an Equestrian Team, who competed on Tuesday at the Equine Interschool Competition. The Equestrian Team comprises Toni-Ann Williams (12NHW), Tayla Hutchison (12RFE), Jaimie Nash (12RFE) and Abby James (12RFE), and is managed by Katana Hutchison, who provided the following report:

“There were 24 schools in this competition with many having two or more teams. Wainuiomata High's Team was represented well and proved themselves a team to be looked out for in the future. This was this team’s first outing together and my first as their Manager and they were amazing kids. It is so great to see them out there supporting each other, they all behaved impeccably and were a credit to the High School. 

As Jaimie's horse went lame the day before the competition, the team chose to ride as individuals for the school with Jaimie providing support and on-the-ground help. All the girls rode fantastically and we ended up with each girl doing three rounds at three different heights, with not one rail/penalty or refusal for any of them. Competition was fierce with some classes having over 70+ riders; they only did ribbons to 6th place with placing's to 10th.

Toni rode 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, she had three beautifully ridden rounds and placed well within the top 20 (out of 70+) in each of her rounds. Abby rode 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, she had three beautifully ridden rounds and also placed well within the top 20 (out of 70+) in each of her rounds. Tayla rode 60cm, 70cm 80cm, she also had three beautifully ridden rounds and placed well within the top 20 (out of 70+) in her 60cm and 70cm classes. A highlight for her was placing 7th (only one out of the ribbons) in her 80cm class.”
                          Abby James        Toni-Ann Williams     Tayla Hutchison        Jaimie Nash

Katana Hutchison, Equestrian Team Manager

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