Business Enterprise - Year 10

Entry Requirements:

Results gained in Year 9 Social Studies examination.


• This course is designed using the Enterprise Studies Programme (ESP) as its base. ESP takes an experimental approach to learning and involves the students in the development of their own enterprising projects (including creating and making a product).

The Business Enterprise Programme will include:

• Exploring the nature of business
• Developing a business plan
• Market research
• Designing and creating a product
• Making a product
• Organising and running a market day
• Evaluation of the whole process
• Involvement from teachers in other faculties (Technology)
• Various NCEA and Achievement Standards may be offered

Subjects this leads on to:

 NCEA Level One Accounting in Year 11
 NCEA Level One Design and Technology in Year 11
 NCEA Level One Economics in Year 11
 NCEA Level One Geography in Year 11
 NCEA Level One Graphics in Year 11
 NCEA Level One History in Year 11
 NCEA Level Two Classics in Year 12
 Tourism in Year 12