English and Languages

Language is the vital first step for all people in their journey towards understanding and appreciating the world around them. In this faculty we develop the skills of interpersonal communication and personal self expression that lead to success in today's environment.

English is compulsory for Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students and optional for Year 13 students.

Senior English Course Pathways

The Senior English courses are differentiated in terms of learning time and difficulty to suit students' skill levels.

All senior English courses offer NCEA credits.

All Year 11 English courses (ENG101-107 and LINKS) offer students the opportunity to gain the 10 Literacy credits they need in order to be eligible for the Level One National Certificate of Educational Achievement. University Entrance Literacy credits may be gained in Year 12 (ENG201 and ENG202) or Year 13 (ENG301 and ENG302).

All Year 11 courses (ENG101-107 and LINKS) and ENG201, 202 and ENG301, offer core standards which cover a range of the curriculum strands, and other standards are available for teachers to choose from according to class needs. The ENG203 and 302 courses list standards from which teachers will construct a suitable course; one that will suit the needs and interests of their students.The diagram below indicates the possible pathways available to students:

Languages such as Japanese, French, Maori and Samoan are optional subjects, available to all students.