NCEA Level 2


• NCEA Level 2
• Industry specific credits
• Opportunity to achieve First Aid Certificate
• Opportunity to achieve Health and Safety in the workplace Certificate


• Students must show enthusiasm for their chosen Industry
• Students who take this course are expected to attend their on the job training every week
• Students are expected to catch up on any missed work from other classes when they are out on the job training
• Students will be ‘cleared’ for on the job training by DP’s, Deans Gateway staff and Parents prior to placement
• Students are expected to achieve at least 23 level 2 credits from the Gateway assessment schedule
• Students should also take a trade based subject in school e.g.: Hospitality, PBT, Sport etc


This course is aimed at students who wish to take a purely internal based course. The course will include a variety of Internal Unit Standards from Level 1 and 2.


• To provide students with on the job training in their chosen Industry
• The course aims to:
             • Help the student gain on the job training and qualifications
             • Increase the students confidence in the workplace
             • Assist students make decisions for post school training and education
             • Develop work ‘readiness’
• Participate in the Inspired Kiwi Experience
• Gain 40 Level 2 credits by the end of T3 (including required Level 1 literacy and numeracy credits) and have the opportunity to gain fork lift licence, Site Safe Certificate, Baby Sitting Certificate (Plunket), Electrical Site Safe Certificate, Specific Industry credits and extension credits
• Complete Career Quest and an up to date CV
• Experience an Interview with a recruiting agency (and possibly gain employment)
• Visit the Coca Cola Careers Expo
• Meet the VIBE Y.T.S (Youth Transition Service)


BOT Meeting, Monday 12 November

Staffroom, 6.15pm...

Paid Union Meeting, Tuesday 13 November

Students will be released from school at 12.30pm...

Mana Tagata, Wednesday 14 November

Library 5.00 - 7.00pm...

Futures Breakfast, Thursday 15 November

Staffroom, 8.00 - 9.00am...