Head Students 2019

As one of their last official duties for 2018, the current Head Students announced at Senior Prizegiving the students who would be replacing them in 2019.

We are no longer having Head Girls and Head Boys, or Deputy Head Students. Instead, in 2019 we are having three non-gender specific Head Students.

Congratulations to the Wainuiomata High School 2019 Head Students:
Te-Heke Rurehe
Cerie Milovale
Eva-Jayne Bryant


Head Students 2018

One of the last tasks of the current Head Students is to announce the new Head Boy and Girl and Deputies for 2018. The process takes into account the academic progress of the students, their extra-curricular involvement at the High School, as well as student and staff votes.

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent Wainuiomata High School as Head Students in 2018:


      Leon McLeod-Venu       Jasmine Inthavong           Faleono Leala                Alyssia Cody
                  Head Boy                                    Head Girl                            Deputy Head Boy                      Deputy Head Girl


House Captains 2018

Along with the announcement of our Head Students for 2018, the 2017 House Leaders were given the honour of announcing the 2018 House Leaders. These important roles were voted on by students within each of the Houses.  Congratulations to the following students;  

                                    Apiata                                                                 Ngata

         Kathrine Taituave           Willie Fagugata           Johanna Schreuder       Logoaoina Lauama


                              Rutherford                                                             Tuwhare

          Dante Kakahi                  Ravin Lal                  Sareena Sefo-Pfeifer             Daniel Oti