Health - NCEA Level 1


• NCEA Level 1.


• Successful completion of Year 10 Health course.


This is a new course being offered in 2012 and would be beneficial to students wanting to become involved in any aspect of the Health sector.

• Examine and develop a sound understanding of concepts, influences and choices for achieving well-being.
• An understanding of success and strategies to employ to deal with success in a range of situations.
• A “tool box” of interpersonal skills in order to develop and understand how interpersonal skills can improve relationships and help people deal with changing states of health.
• Personal, interpersonal and societal strategies to deal with changing states of health and any drug related situation.
• A comprehensive understanding of the decision making process and the implications of decisions
• A sound understanding of issues relating to sexuality and this course aims to explore these through a range of perspectives.

NB: This course is 100% theory.