International Staff

Mr Daiji Kataoka
International Student Dean 

Mr Kataoka works with the International staff to ensure the provision of quality services to all international students. He may help you with advice on school matters like enrolment, tuition fees and the Code of Practice. Mr Kataoka will also help you with advice on school matters like subject choice, orientation, attendance, teachers, students, buddies, timetable and any other school related matters.

Mr Shingo Ina
International Student Administrator

Mr Ina may help you with any administration requests

Ann Watkins
Homestay Co-Ordinator

Ms Watkins may help you to settle into your homestay, and support you throughout your stay

BOT Meeting, Monday 12 November

Staffroom, 6.15pm...

Paid Union Meeting, Tuesday 13 November

Students will be released from school at 12.30pm...

Mana Tagata, Wednesday 14 November

Library 5.00 - 7.00pm...

Futures Breakfast, Thursday 15 November

Staffroom, 8.00 - 9.00am...