Our school uniform is compulsory for ALL students and is expected to be worn correctly and in full. Uniform Requirements and Shoe Policy.

Our school uniform is available for purchase from Argyle Online, however some items, such as boys' school socks may be available for purchase at the school office. 

You can order new school uniform direct from the suppliers, with delivery to your nominated address via courier. The website is extremely user friendly with measuring tips to ensure the correct size is purchased. Argyle Online can also arrange WINZ Quotes on your behalf.

Tape measures are available from the school to enable you to measure your child as per the instructions on the Argyle Online website. Measuring your child to ensure the correct size is selected is very important because sizes vary from garment to garment, and uniform sizes often differ from retail clothing brand sizes.

Girls   Boys
Short Sleeve Blouse   Short Sleeve Shirt
Skirt           Long Sleeve Shirt
Shorts   Shorts
Bucket Hat    

*Students can wear any black weatherproof jacket.
*PE Uniform consists of a white, green OR black t-shirt with plain black shorts.
*Girls can wear plain black ankle or knee-high socks or pantyhose/tights.
* An optional school tie or blazer can be purchased from the school office.

As from 2019 we are re-introducing a PE uniform for the Junior (Year 9 and 10) students. In 2019 all Year 9 students will be required to buy one; the cost is $61 and the uniform is available to purchase from school. Year 10 students all welcome to purchase one if they want to.

Second Hand Uniforms - www.uniformme.co.nz.  This is a free website for parents/caregivers who wish to buy or sell second hand uniforms.  The school does not run a second hand uniform service. 


Students are permitted to wear one small ring, a single small earring (up to 1cm diameter) or stud in each ear, and a necklace or taonga. Facial piercings are permitted provided they are pinhead-sized, flush to the skin and discreet.