How to Enrol

How to Enrol at Wainuiomata High School

We accept enrolments throughout the year.

If you are thinking about enrolling at Wainuiomata High School, the best time to start is at the beginning of a term. However, we can start students at any time during the year – whatever suits you and your son/daughter best!


Term 1: Monday 3rd February – Thursday 9th April

Term 2: Tuesday 28th April – Friday 3rd July

Term 3: Monday 20th July – Friday 25th September

Term 4: Monday 12th October – Wednesday 9th December

Key Dates: Senior Students Exam Leave: Tuesday 3rd November


It is easy to apply to study at Wainuiomata High School. You just click the link below and start the application process.

Please check our "Welcome to Wainuiomata High School" YouTube video clip to find out more.