Our Staff

Who we are and how to contact us

If you would like to get in touch with a staff member at Wainuiomata High School you can either call the office on 04-9383224 and leave a message. Alternatively you can email by clicking on the links below (alphabetical by surname).

As our staff are teaching during the day, they may not be able to respond to your call immediately.

It is our aim to respond to your initial query within 24 hours, where possible.

Senior Leadership Team

Janette Melrose - Principal - jmelrose@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Mary Horner - Assistant Principal: Operations - maryh@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Phillip Kauika - Deputy Principal: Curriculum - phillipk@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Roy McGrath - Assistant Principal: Pastoral - roym@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Sandy McVey - Business Manager - sandym@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz


Paul Assur - (RPA) Leader of Learning (LOL) PE/Health - paula@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Rebecca Bentley - Office Assistant - rebeccan@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Tania Beyer - Learning Support (Teacher Aide) - taniab@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Alisha Butterfield - Learning Support (Teacher Aide) - alishab@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Rosalie Carman - Librarian - rosaliec@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Sylvia Carter - Lab Technician - sylviac@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Clarence Collier - Groundsman - clarencec@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Toni Coton - Learning Support  (Teacher Aide) - tonic@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Peter Cowan - Sports Coordinator - peterc@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Rachel Cutter - Office Administrator - rachelc@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Rhys Feeney (ARF) - English - rhysf@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Samuel Feisst (TFT) - Science - samuelf@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Hazel Fenemor (RHF) - Leader of Learning (LOL) Arts, Music - hazelf@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Wayne Foster - Caretaker - waynef@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Isobel Franklin (TIF) - Science- isobelf@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Lesley Glen - Social Sciences Technician - lesleyg@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Emily Goldie - Learning Support- emilyg@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Tanya Graham (ATG) - Leader of Learning (LOL) and Junior Integrated Learning Leader (JILL) English/Languages - tanyag@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Tony Harrington - Gateway Coordinator- tonyh@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Leah Harrison - Learning Support (Literacy) - leahh@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Petra Herings (NPH) - Junior Integrated Learning Leader (JILL) Arts - petrah@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Lawrence Hobbis (THO) - Technology - lawrenceh@wainuiomatahig.school.nz
Cherie Holmes (ACH) - Leader of Learning (LOL) Pathways - cherieh@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Mary Horner (NMH) - Assistant Principal: Operations, Music, Maths - maryh@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Deno Hoske (TDH) Aotearoa Histories Curriculum Leader, Social Sciences - denoh@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Shingo Ina - International Administrator - shingoi@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Daiji Kataoka (TDT) - International Dean, Japanese- daijik@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Phillip Kauika (NPK) - Deputy Principal: Curriculum, PE/Health- phillipk@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Dona Keyes (NDK) - Leader of Learning (LOL) Literacy/Junior Learning Support, Junior Learning Tracking - donak@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Richard Knox - School Counsellor - richardk@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Denton Kupenga - Learning Support  (Teacher Aide) - dentonk@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Emily Kwell (REK) - Arts, Dance- emilyk@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Melissa Latu - Tuwhare House Dean, PE/Health- melissal@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Hayley Lawrence - Principal's PA - hayleyl@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Becky Le Lievre (RBL) - Maori - beckyl@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Maria Lloyd - Guidance Counsellor - marial@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Jo-Anne Maunder (RLC) - TIC Alternative Education - joannem@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Roy McGrath (ARM) - Assistant Principal: Pastoral, Social Sciences - roym@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Samuel McGuire (RMG) - eLearning Leader, MPLD, Technology - samuelm@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Sandy McVey - Business Manager - sandym@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Janette Melrose (RJM) - Principal - jmelrose@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Nora Nicol - Learning Support (Teacher Aide) - noran@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Sarah O’Neill - Rutherford Dean, Technology - saraho@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Corinne Pearce (TCP) - Social Sciences - corinnep@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Barbara Podgajna (RBP) - Leader of Learning (LOL) Mathematics - barbarap@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Megan Prebble (AMP) - Junior Integrated Learning Leader (JILL) Mathematics - meganp@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Hazel Reddington (RHR) - Junior Integrated Learning Leader (JILL) Science - hazelr@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Jocelyn Reddy (NJR) - Leader of Learning (LOL) and Junior Integrated Learning Leader (JILL) Technology - jocelynr@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Gabby Richardson (AGR) - English - gabbyr@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Wai Roberts - Teacher Support Maori - wair@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Charmaine Russell (TCE) - Maori Achievement, SCT, Science - charmainer@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Alison Saunders - Student Services Manager - alisonm@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Dori Speers - Learning Support  (Teacher Aide) - doris@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Adelaide Taylor (TAT) - PB4L Leader, Social Sciences - adelaidet@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Matauranga Te Rauna (NMT) - Leader of Learning (LOL) Māori and Wharekura Leader - mataurangat@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Chelsea Thomas - Careers Administrator - chelseat@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Hailey Thomson (RHT) - Numeracy Leader, Social Media, Mathematics - haileyt@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Earl Va'a (TEV) - PE/Health - earlv@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Paripurna Verma (RPV) - Leader of Learning (LOL) Science - paripurnav@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Penny Vine (AVI) - Ngata House Dean, Pasifika Achievement, English, Samoan - pennyv@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Sue Wade - Reading Coordinator - suew@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Isjara Waiwai (AIW) - Junior Integrated Learning Leader (JILL) Māori - isjaraw@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Adam Weir (NWE)- Leader of Learning (LOL) Social Sciences, Senior Learning Tracking - adamw@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Anna Williams - Learning Support  (Teacher Aide) - annaw@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Matthew Wood - Apiata Dean, Junior Integrated Learning Leader (JILL) PE/Health - mattheww@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz
Simon Younger - Technology- simony@wainuiomatahigh.school.nz