July 5, 2019

At Manaaki Time today our Year 10-12 students were given their Shortlisting Booklets for 2020 courses.

All Year 10-12 caregivers have been emailed a copy of the Shortlisting Booklet too.

We are asking that students select 12 courses from the list on offer.  

The booklets are due back to school at the end of Week 1 Term 3 (Friday 26 July) and must be signed by caregivers.Please note that this is not the final course selections for 2020, this is just to enable us to shortlist the courses to a more manageable and realistic level.  

Early in Term 3 students will be given a Course Selection Booklet to select 8 courses from.

Click below to download a copy of the Booklets for the appropriate levels:

Level One 2020 (Year 10 2019)

Level Two 2020 (Year 11 2019)

Level Three 2020 (Year 12 2019)