February 12, 2019

What is Curriculum 19?

In 2019, Junior students at Wainuiomata High School are taking part in a new form of learning called Curriculum 19 (or C19 for short). Year 9 and 10 students will learn via two models called Courses and My Personal Learning Day (MPLD).

The first model (Courses) sees traditional subjects like Mathematics, English and Physical Education/Health merge; taking the best and most relevant pieces of these subjects and creating them into a Course.

Last year we asked our Year 9 students and Year 8 students from our feeder schools what things they are most interested in and (if they had their way) what they would like to learn about. From this we received lots of awesome ideas to create new Courses.

For example, one of the ideas that students wanted to learn about was becoming a Police Officer. We gave this concept to staff and an English teacher and a Science teacher took up the challenge of designing the course. From English, students will be taken through laws and debating (key elements of a trial Court Room). The Science teacher will be looking at Forensic Science and experiments. 

We also know that a key part of being a Police Officer is being fit, so aspects of Physical Education/Health might be added into the course too. In the past, learning about being a Police Officer might have been done through only one learning domain area. Now, through our new way of learning, strong links from across each of the learning domains will be made. Our "Police 10-7" course is just one of over 40 different courses that are on offer.