June 28, 2022

Term 2 2022 Finishing Times

The current situation of teachers being off sick and the need to call on teachers to cover classes is of concern for student learning and staff well-being.

The rostering home of year levels is a concern because students are missing out on learning.

High internal cover means teachers are losing time for planning, preparation and marking which would normally be done in non-contact times.

The overall situation is stressful and impacting on teacher well-being.

The Wainuiomata High School Board has agreed for school to finish at2:00pm on the following days until the end of Term 2 2022:

         Thursday 30 June                  Friday 01 July                         Monday 04 July

         Tuesday 05 July                     Thursday 07 July                    Friday 08 July


Close the school at 2:00pm until the end of Term 2(Friday 08 July 2022)

Note that Wednesdays will remain unchanged

This will allow teachers one hour in the afternoon to help with planning, marking and preparation.

We will still run 4 lessons a day, but reduce the time from 95 to 75 minute lessons.


Things to consider:

Buses at the end of the day will still leave at the same time.

Students who need to stay at school to catch the buses or because they have nowhere else to go until3:05pm will be supervised in the Library.

Mana Tagata will start at 2:15pm on Thursday 30 June and Thursday 07 July.


Bell Times:


Times                                  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

8:25am –  8:45am          Staff  Briefing                (warning bell  8:45am)

8:50am-  10:05am         Period 1                          (75 mins)

10:05am –  10:30am      Period 2                          Manaaki Time (25  mins)

10:30am –  10:50am      Interval                            (20 mins)

10:50am –  12:05pm      Period 3                          (75 mins)

12:05pm –  12:45pm      Lunch                               (40 mins)  (warning bell 12:40pm)

12:45pm –  2:00pm        Period 4                          (75 mins)


Apologies for the late notice.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.


Janette Melrose

Principal, Wainuiomata High School